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eISSN: 2329-0358

The need for vigilance in extended criteria donors with a past history of malignancy: A case report and review of literature

Arash Nickkholgh, Erich Frey, Christoph Krenzel, Werner Lauchart, Christa Flechtenmacher, Jan Schmidt, Peter Schemmer

Ann Transplant 2011; 16(1): 75-79

ID: 881643

Available online: 2011-03-23

Published: 2011-03-23


Background:    Organ shortage has prompted many transplant centers to extend their criteria for organ acceptance including the history of a variety of co-morbidities in donors. The use of organs from donors with a past medical history of malignancy in order to reduce the waiting list mortalities remains a dilemma.
    Case Report:    Herein we report a 62-year-old female donor with a history of a presumably cured serous adenocarcinoma of the ovary and underscore the need for vigilance in the search of an active site of cancer while assessing these donors for organ recovery.
    Conclusions:    In order to minimize the risk of donor tumor transmission, especially in the donors with a past medical history of cancer, extensive evaluation of the donor including the surgical exploration of all body cavities is absolutely necessary. Any suspicious lesion should prompt a frozen section biopsy. In this regard, an on-call pathologist to do the frozen section should be an integral part of the transplant team.

Keywords: Extended Criteria for Donation, expanded-criteria-donor, donor malignancy, Donor, brain dead donor, Liver Transplantation