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The nursing care for the patient with kidney transplant remote from the centre of transplantation

K Wedral, M Borawska

Ann Transplant 2009; 14(1): 84-84

ID: 880510

Available online:

Published: 2009-05-21

The clinical transplantation is an acknowledged and efficient branch of medicine. The organ transplant could save patient's life or at least improve his life's standards. Patients with transplants come back to everyday life, professional activities, sports. They could have injuries, diseases independent of the transplant - as any other human being- that need to be treated. The aim of this paper is to provide nurses and midwifes with rules of nursing in relation to the patient with kidney transplant, who is admitted to the hospital other than the centre of transplantation, on account of reasons independent of the transplant (e.g. heart attack, injury, pregnancy). The most important nurse's duties in relation to patients with kidney transplant include:
1. pharmacology, mainly immunosuppression;
2. diuresis control;
3. body liquid balance record;
4. body weight control;
5. body temperature control;
6. arterial blood pressure and heart beat control;
7. surgery cut treating (in surgery sections);
8. sanitation;
9. diet and nutrition;
10. patients' separation.
All these duties are discussed of in the paper. The nurse who cares for the patient with kidney transplant should be aware that the incidents of transplant's rejection might occur at any time and they might pass off with no major pain. The nurse should be aware of the main symptoms of the kidney rejection. All these symptoms are discussed in our paper. The health care nursing staff looking after patients with kidney transplants need to be knowledgeable, dedicated and caring. The nurse looking after that kind of patient should be able to help him and, if needed, replace him in the health care and control.

Keywords: Kidney Transplant