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Guidance on organ donation

J Jagoda, J Piekutowska, A Rębalska

Ann Transplant 2009; 14(1): 83-83

ID: 880507

Available online:

Published: 2009-05-21

I. Group - the assisting nurses in retrieval of organs.
II. Standard Announcement
• Each departure for retrieval of organs must be properly prepared earlier.
• Nurses:
- They must be prepared to work in different surgery centres (not only in
their maternal or native centre).
- They get to know the sequences of actions or activities to perform in the
process of organs' retrieval
- They know the composition and the activity or effect of liquids utilized to
perfuse the organs including the mode of cooling and packaging them.
- They familiarize themselves with all sorts of cannulas and drains for per-
fusing the organs.
- They have to treat the organ donor's body with respect and kindness.The standard of retrieving organs for transplantation is established and divided into the three criteria, namely structure, process and result. The organs retrieval often takes place with the participation of many transplant teams from different hospitals and from different cities. A good coordination of their actions in the way to avoid a waste of time is absolutely crucial and it is a required condition of achieving success in retrieving organs and their transplantation. The coordinator generally informs the members of the transplant teams about the time of departure two or three hours before, sometimes the deadlines are very short and difficult to meet. This is often dictated by the organ donor's health state, the agreement and coordination with the different transplant teams, the distance to the donor's hospital, waiting time for the results of organ donor's blood tests in terms of viruses and finally, the atmospheric conditions which are not less deciding factors. All indispensable equipment to perform the surgical procedure are often completed and checked by nurses, they should be prepared and ready for their immediate use all the time, night and day. Each member of the surgical teams of organs' retrieval must be sure that there is no lack of anything, which could disrupt the course of the surgical procedure. The elaborate standard in the process of organs retrieving is an enormous help for the assisting nurses' work and represents also the basis of training for nurses who embark on this profession. The prepared poster contains and shows the standard of this process illustrated with photos of the most important stages.

Keywords: Organ Donation