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eISSN: 2329-0358

Health related behaviour and criterions of health in patients after heart transplantation

J Siwińska, M Lesiak-Kalukin, P Przybyłowski, I Milaniak, J Sadowski

Ann Transplant 2009; 14(1): 65-65

ID: 880437

Available online:

Published: 2009-05-21

Background: The Heart Transplantation and the stress that it brings are one
of the most extreme experiences that can happen to a human being. They
affect the person's value system as well as his self-esteem. The patients after
surgery are required not only to abide medical recommendations, but also to take care of their new heart through secondary health prevention Aim of the study: analysis of health related behaviours in patients after HTX. Study group: 52 patiens, 10 women, 42 men, aged 21-75, mean age - 54.3.
Material/Methods: Health Behaviour Inventory/ IZZ/, Criterions of Health List /LKZ/ by Z. Juczyński.
Results: IZZ - General Indicator - 7 sten, Proper Nutrition Habits /PN/ - 3.4, Prophylactic Behaviour /ZP/ - 4.02, Positive Psychological Attitude /PNP/ - 3.7, Health Practices /PZ/ - 3.8, LKZ - 5 most important health criterions - The feeling of joy, enjoying life, no physical disorders, healthy feeding habits, psychological well-being.
Conclusions: 1. Patients after HTX keep the pro health behaviour on average level, but the results indicate that during postoperative education we must focus our attention at creation of correct nutrition habits, health practices and positive psychological attitude. 2. The choice of the following health criteria: the feeling of joy, enjoying life, no physical disorders, healthy feeding habits, psychological well-being - as the most important seems to be the effect of chronic illness-related stress and the threat of losing one's life and health.

Keywords: ethical aspects, Heart Transplantation