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Analysis of risk factors of postoperative haemodialysis treatment in kidney transplant recipients

M Zukowski, R Bohatyrewic, J Biernawska, K Katarzyna, M Zegan, M Ostrowski, I Sulikowski, K Kedzierska

Ann Transplant 2009; 14(1): 48-48

ID: 880374

Available online:

Published: 2009-05-21

Background: The quality of the transplanted kidney depends on many factors
that may debilitate its function, what can result in the necessity of haemodialysis treatment in the post operative period. Aims: Determining the influence of selected risk factors on the duration and number of haemodialysis post transplantation.
Material/Methods: Hemodynamic data was obtained from a group of 146
multi-organ donors. Group of 232 kidney transplant recipients was included in this study. Influence of the following factors on the duration and number of haemodialysis sessions in the postoperative period was analyzed: PRA value, HLA matching, length of haemodialysis prior to transplantation, donor's age and risk factors: MAP, CVP, PCWP, SVRI, dopamine infusion and CIT. Shapiro-Wilk, Kruskal-Wallis, Chi2 with the Yates correction and Fisher tests and analysis of correlation and regression were used, p=0.05.
Results: Decreased duration and fewer dialysis sessions were observed in the recipients, who had their kidney transplanted from the donors with MAP >70 mmHg, PCWP >12 mmHg and dopamine infusion <10 μg/kg/min. Positive correlation was observed between BSA, dopamine dose infusion, recipient's
age, length of haemodialysis prior to transplantation and the duration of the haemodialysis required post transplant.
Conclusions: 1) Increased MAP and PCWP in the donor both have a major influence on decreasing the duration of haemodialysis of kidney recipient post transplantation; 2) Increased BSA, dopamine dose infusion requirements in the donor, age and duration of haemodialysis before transplantation substantially prolong the duration of haemodialysis post transplantation.

Keywords: Kidney Transplantation, Organ Procurement