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Cell-saver application in blood salvage during orthotopic liver transplantation

R Król, J Pawlicki, J Ziaja, L Cierpka

Ann Transplant 2009; 14(1): 41-41

ID: 880346

Available online: 2009-05-21

Published: 2009-05-21

Background: Increased intra-operative blood loss during orthotropic liver
transplantation (OLTx) is often observed after introduction of the OLTx
programme. Massive transfusions increase the risk of early complications after OLTx and decrease liver graft survival. The aim of the study is retrospective analysis of the blood loss during OLTx and advantages of cell-saver application in blood salvage from the operative field.
Material/Methods: 41 of 46 OLTx operations performed between 2005 and 2008 at the department were analysed. Three patients who died in early postoperative period due to non-haemorrhagic reasons and 1 patient who required re-transplantation were excluded. Blood loss was estimated by measuring the volume of blood regained from the liquid aspirated from the operative field.
Results: Mean amount of blood regained from operative field was 1922.2±922.2 ml. Its mean hematocrite was 46.14±7.31%. Mean amount of blood transfused during operation was 6.1±3.2 units. Two patients died due to overlapping massive blood loss and post-reperfusion injury. There were no severe early complications in analysed group except 3 cases of acute rejection treated successfully with steroids.
Conclusions: Cell saver allows reducing significantly the amount of transfused blood during OLTx operation, what is particularly important in the early period after introduction of the programme.

Keywords: Liver Transplantation