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eISSN: 2329-0358

Side to side duodenal anastomosis in patients with simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation

M Durlik, J Wiśniewska-Goryń, A Rydzewski, G Rydzewska, A Serwacka, I Ziobrowski, T Chełchowski, A Perkowska

Ann Transplant 2009; 14(1): 24-24

ID: 880284

Available online:

Published: 2009-05-21

Background: Anastomosis of the donor duodenal segment to the recipient's ileum is the most common method of enteric drainage in patients with simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation (SPKT). There are, however publications that show the possibility of duodenal side to side anastomosis. This technique has the advantage allowing endoscopic view and taking a biopsy of transplanted duodenum. The aim of the study was to evaluate this surgical technique in postoperative graft monitoring in patient with SPKT.
Material/Methods: In the 2008, 5 SPKT were performed in our department. In all patients was performed side to side anastomosis of donor's duodenum to the transverse part of recipient's duodenum. In all patients duodenal transplant endoscopy and biopsy of the mucosa was done 2 weeks after SPKT. In 2
cases EUS examination was done with pancreatic biopsy. No complications were noted related to duodeno-duodenal anastomosis in the postoperative period.
Results: Side to side duodenal tx anastomosis is a safe method. This surgical technique allows performing EUS examination and simultaneous duodenal and pancreas tx biopsy. It gives the opportunity for endoscopic treatment of possible postoperative gastroduodenal bleeding and eventual episodes of duodenal necrosis. It also helps in early diagnosis of transplant rejection.