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Retraction note

Piotr Mirosław Małkowski, Krzysztof Zieniewicz

Ann Transplant 2009; 14(1): 56-56

ID: 880233

Available online:


From the Editors,
According to request of professor Wojciech Rowiński regarding the paper: "Application of sulforaphane-does it lead to improvement of islet graft survival after warm and/or cold ischemia" by Ewa Sołowiej, Jarosław Sołowiej, Teresa Kasprzycka-Guttman and Wojciech Rowiński published in Annals of Transplantation 2004; 9(3): 68-71 and the statement made by the authorities of the Medical University of Warsaw, Editorial Board of the Annals of Transplantation decided to retract this paper with all the resulting consequences.
Professor Piotr Mirosław Małkowski, MD PhD
Professor Krzysztof Zieniewicz, MD PhD

Retraction note: To the Editor-in-Chief.
Based on the investigation by the authorities of Warsaw Medical University, I have recently become aware that the majority of the data presented in the paper "Application of sulforaphane - does it lead to improvement of islet graft survival after warm and/or cold ischemia", by Sołowiej E, Sołowiej J, Kasprzycka-Guttman T, Rowiński W published in the Annals of Transplantation 2004; 9(3): 68-71 were falsified by the first author of this paper. I also have to inform the readers that Professor Teresa Kasprzycka-Guttman was added as the co-author without her consent and against her wish. Therefore, as the former chairman of the department where this work was carried out, I would like to retract this publication. I regret this unfortunate occurrence and apologize sincerely to the editorial staff at the journal and to its readers for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Professor Wojciech Rowinski, MD, PhD
Department of General and Transplant Surgery,
Warsaw Medical University
Nowogrodzka 59, 02-006 Warsaw, Poland