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Transplantation Procedures in Social Awareness Opinion Poll of Silesian Province Citizens on Living Donor Organ Transplantation

J Ziaja, L Cierpka, R Król, M S Szczepański, M Tyrybon, S Sekta

Ann Transplant 2003; 8(4): 43-45

ID: 7548

Available online:

Published: 2002-12-15

Objective: The aim of the study was to examine the opinion of Silesian Province citizens on living organ transplantation (Tx).
Methods: The materials in the study were the opinions of 1100 respondents selected from a representative group of adult citizens collected in 2002 using a public opinion poll. During the data collection a questionnaire interview was used, the result of which were subjected to a quantitative statistical analysis.
Results: Of respondents, 83,1% do but 11,0% do not accept living organ Tx. 92,1% would give his organ for Tx to a relative, 80,5% – a friend
and 54,3% – a strange person. The most common motives of potential agreement for living organ donation are awareness of helping another
person (43,6%) or a relative (27,0%) as well as conviction of safety of organ harvesting procedure (10,0%). The most common motives of
concern are fear of losing one’s health (40,1%), poor state of health (13,8%) and fear of organ harvesting (9,8%). Conclusions: Silesian Province citizens accept living organ Tx as a way of treatment of patients with end stage organ failure. The main motive of
agreement for living organ donation is awareness of helping another person or a relative, and the most common motive of concern is fear of losing one’s health.