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Effects of Low-Protein Diet Supplemented with Ketoacids and Erythropoietinin Chronic Renal Failure:a Long-Term MetabolicStudy

Vladimir Teplan, Otto Schuck, Antonin Knotek, Jan Hajny, Miroslava Horackova, Jelena Skibova, Jan Maly

Ann Transplant 2001; 6(1): 47-53

ID: 497580

Available online:

Published: 2001-03-09

Ketoacids (KA) and recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) may each, on their own, influence the metabolic status of patients with chronic renal failure (CRF). A long-term prospective randomjzed study was designed to monitor the metabolic and nutritional status and progression of CRF using three therapeutic protocols: (A) low-protein diet (LPD) with 0.6 g of protein and 35 kcal/kg/day, with recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) at a dose of 40 U kg/week and keto acids (KA) 100 mg/kg/day, (Group I), (B) LPD and rHuEPO (Group II), and (C) LPD only (Group III).A total of 105 patients (50M/55F), aged 26-78 years, CCr 22-36 ml/min, were monitored at the beginning, and at every 6 months for 3 years in the above three study groups. Group Icomprised 35 patients, Group II38 patients and Group III32 patients. During follow-up, a significantly smaller decrease in GFR (CCr, Cn) and in I/Scr, and an increase in serum albumin, transferrin, leucine, body mass, index and HDL-cholesterol were found in Group I(allp

Keywords: Keto Acids, low protein diet, branched-chain amino acids