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Extracorporeal Photopheresis for the Treatment of Lung Allograft Rejection

Jaime Villanueva, Sangeeta M Bhorade, John A Robinson, AIiya N Husain, Edward R Garrity Jr

Ann Transplant 2000; 5(3): 44-47

ID: 497539

Available online: 2000-09-15

Published: 2000-09-15

Objectives: Acute and chronic rejection continue to limit the survival of lung transplant recipients. Extracorporeal photopheresis has evolved as a possible therapy for patients with acute nd chronic lung allograft rejection. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 14 patients diagnosed with BOS who underwent therapy with extracorporeal photopheresis. Results: Three patients were classified as BOS O'b', five as BOS I, three as BOS 2, and, three as BOS 3 at the time of diagnosis. Of the patients with BOS 0'b' or BOS I seven remain alive and one died of lung cancer. Two have progressed to BOS 2. Of the patients with BOS 2 or 3, four have died of BOS, one died of lung cancer, and one was re-transplanted. In three patients with BOS and concurrent acute rejection, therapy with extracorporeal photopheresis led to the resolution of the acute rejection episode. Two of the 14patients developed line related sepsis. Conclusion:Extracorporeal photopheresis appears to be a promising therapy for patients with early BOS. It may also have a role in the treatment of acute lung allograft rejection.

Keywords: Lung Transplantation, acute rejection, chronic rejection