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Mycophenolat Mofetil for Prevention of Live rAllograft Rejection: Initial Results of a Controlled Clinical Trial

M Stemeck, L Fischer, C Gahlemann, M Gundlach, X Rogiers, Chr Broelsch

Ann Transplant 2000; 5(1): 43-46

ID: 497512

Available online:

Published: 2000-03-10

Mycophenolate Mofetil (M MF) is a new immunosuppressive agent with proven efficacy for the prevention of kidney allograft rejection. However, only little experience is availablewith the useof MMF in liver transplant recipients. Objectives:In this prospective, controlled trial the efficacy and safety of MMF and Azathioprine (AZA) were compared in a Neoral based quadruple immunosuppressive regimen after orthotopic liver transplantation. Methods: Between 12/96and 12/98 57adult patients were enrolled in the study at the University of Hamburg. 28 patients were randomised to MMF, 29 patients to AZA in combination with equivalent doses of lymphocyte antibodies, Neoral and methylprednisolone. Results: After a median follow-up of I0:t3.2 months patient or graft survivaldid not differ significantly between the MMF and AZA group. However, MMF treated patients experienced less frequently acute rejection episodes (MMF: 6/28;21.4% versus AZA: 13/29; 44.8%) (p=0.06). Furthermore, thrombocytopenia (MMF: 6/28; 21,4% versusAZA: 14/29;48,3%) (p

Keywords: mycophenolate, Liver Transplantation, Rejection, Immunosuppression