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Mathematical Analysis of Calcifications in Stented, Antibiotic Sterilized and Cryopreserved Sheep Biological Valves Implanted for one Year in Tricuspid Position

Jerzy K Nozynski, Piotr Wilczek, Ewa Zembala-Nozynska, Jolanta Wszolek

Ann Transplant 2003; 8(1): 55-69

ID: 496883

Available online:

Published: 2003-03-14

The aim of the study was morphometric and mathematic analysis of calcification profiles present in the leaflets of a cryopreserved and alive heart valve depending on the diagnosed pathologic process. Sheep antibiotic sterilised and cryopreserved biological valves were implanted in tricuspid position in young sheeps for one-year period. After this time the valves removed and studied morphologically. The control group consisted of 7 intact valves, the comparative group, so called group of valves after the processing antibiotic sterilization and cryopreservation consisted of 7 valves after mentioned procedures. Histologic investigations were based on paraffin sections of formalin-fixed valve cusps, stained with H&E and Masson trichrome, calcium deposits were stained von Kossa technique. The measured values included: 1. area and equivalent diameter, 2. length, 3. breadth, 4. perimeter, 5. elongation, 6. roundness, 7. fullness coefficient. Conclusions: 1. A process of initial processing and cryopreservation of biological valve increases a dimension and disturbs a shape of microcalcifications. 2. Cryopreserved biological valves explanted after one-year implantation into an animal in a tricuspid position posses microcalcifications and calcification foci. The size of microcalcifications decreases together with an intensification of degenerative processes of the connective tissue, especially in hyalinization. Hyalinization of the biological valve tissue seems to be favorable for a valve durability and as a pathological process decreasing calcification. 3. Mathematic analysis of morphometric features defining differences in size and shape of each calcification indicate morphologic and morphometric autonomy of calcifications, characteristic for the analyzed group of valve pathologic changes.

Keywords: Heart, calcification, morphometry, Discriminant Analysis, Biological Valve