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Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Patients During Hospital Stay after Heart Transplantation

Dariusz Jastrzebski, Michal Zakliczynski, Miroslawa Siola, Szymon Dworniczak, Jerzy Kozielski, Marian Zembala

Ann Transplant 2003; 8(1): 37-39

ID: 496877

Available online:

Published: 2003-03-14

Transplantation in 1999 and 2000 y. In 34 pts lower respiratory tract infections were observed. In all cases bacterial factor was detected in sputum or braonchoalveolar lavage. In study population we analysed influence of such factors as age of the patients, the intensity and duration of immunosuppression, pre-existing diseases and timing after transplantation on the incidence of infection. Most often, in 43 pts Gramm negative stains bacteria was detected. Psudomonas aeruginosa (15 pts), Acinetobacter baumannii (7 pts) and Enterobacter cloacae (6 pts) were predominant. Gramm positive stains bacteria was detected only in two cases (Streptococcus pnaumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus). In 1 pt we observed lung tuberculosis and in 2 pts Pneumocysitis carinii pneumonia. Older recipient age was the only risk factor leading to occurrence of respiratory tract infections in patients after heart transplantation.

Keywords: Heart Transplantation, bacterial infection, lower respiratory tract infection