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Reconstructive Surgery of Male Urethra Using Human Amnion Membranes (Grafts) – First Announcement

A Koziak, A Marcheluk, T Dmowski, R Szczesniewski, P Kania, A Dorobek

Ann Transplant 2004; 9(4): 21-24

ID: 12975

Available online: 2004-12-15

Published: 2004-12-15

Objective: Assessment of technical aspects of the surgical procedure and usefulness, suitability and efficacy of human amnion grafts as a biomaterial in reconstructive surgery of strictured male urethra.
Patients and Methods: Human amnion membranes were used in 2 men suffering from long, recurring strictures of urethra. Narrowed part of urethra was careful prepared and cleaned of adjacent tissue. Then a longitudinal incision was performed through the whole length of strictured segment and then it was covered with human amnion membrane.
Results: Hospitalization time 4 to 5 days. The Foley catheter was removed 2 weeks after surgery 3 months after surgery controlled urethrographies and urethroscopies show wide urethra lumen, wider than in adjacent parts. In urethroscopy operated place covered with epithelium, smooth, without scare.
Conclusions: Human amnion grafts and described technique seem to be a promising method of managing long, recurring male urethra strictures but need long-term follow-up and analysis of more cases.

Keywords: Urethra Stricture, Urethra Reconstruction, Human Amnion