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Pregnancies in Renal Transplantation Recipients – With A Focus on The Maternal Issues

Al-Ghamdi, N Basri, F Shaheen, Hejaili , Flaiw, J Qureshi, A Al-Khader

Ann Transplant 2004; 9(3): 62-64

ID: 10221

Available online:

Published: 2004-10-29

One hundred and thirteen pregnancies in 73 women who received a renal transplant were studied. The duration between the transplant operation and the conception averaged 19.9 months with a range of 1 month to 72 months. The mean age was 28 years. The majority (50 recipients had one pregnancy each, but two women had 5 children each and one had seven children). Only 12 (11.5%) out of the 113 pregnancies ended up with spontaneous abortions. The maternal medical problems encountered were reversible rejection in 11%, hypertension in 43%, UTI in 17% and gestational diabetes in 21%. It was noted that there was high incidence of preterm delivery in 64% of the pregnancies Caesarian section was required in 72% % of the cases. In conclusion we observed a high prevalence of successful pregnancies with no adverse effect on the allograft function and excellent fetal outcome (which is described in a separate paper focusing on the fetal outcome).

Keywords: Post Transplant Pregnancy, Allograft Function, Maternal Complications and Outcome