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Annals of Transplantation is one of the fast-developing journals open to all scientists and fields of transplant medicine and related research. The journal is published quarterly and provides extensive coverage of the most important advances in transplantation.
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Published: 2021-03-02



Kidney Transplant Evaluation and Listing: Development and Preliminary Evaluation of Multimedia Education for Patients

Liise K. Kayler, Beth Dolph, Molly Ranahan, Maria Keller, Renee Cadzow, Thomas H. Feeley

Department of Surgery, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY, USA

Ann Transplant 2021; 26:e929839

DOI: 10.12659/AOT.929839

BACKGROUND: Patient knowledge gaps about the evaluation and waitlisting process for kidney transplantation lead to delayed and incomplete testing, which compromise transplant access. We aimed to develop and evaluate a novel video education approach to empower patients to proceed with the transplant evaluation and listing process and to increase their knowledge and motivation.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: We developed 2 theory-informed educational animations about the kidney transplantation evaluation and listing process with input from experts in transplantation and communication, 20 candidates/recipients, 5 caregivers, 1 anthropologist, 3 community advocates, and 36 dialysis or transplant providers. We then conducted an online pre-post study with 28 kidney transplantation candidates to measure the acceptability and feasibility of the 2 videos to improve patients’ evaluation and listing knowledge, understanding, and concerns.
RESULTS: Compared with before intervention, the mean knowledge score increased after intervention by 38% (5.7 to 7.9; P<0.001). Increases in knowledge effect size were large across age group, health literacy, education, technology access, and duration of pretransplant dialysis. The proportion of positive responses increased from before to after animation viewing for understanding the evaluation process (25% to 61%; P=0.002) and waitlist placement (32% to 86%; P<0.001). Concerns about list placement decreased (32% to 7%; P=0.039). After viewing the animations, >90% of responses indicated positive ratings on trusting the information, comfort level with learning, and engagement.
CONCLUSIONS: In partnership with stakeholders, we developed 2 educational animations about kidney transplant evaluation and listing that were positively received by patients and have the potential to improve patient knowledge and understanding and reduce patient concerns.

Keywords: Kidney Transplantation, Patient Education as Topic, waiting list

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Department of Kidney Transplantation Surgery, Tokyo Medical University Hachioji Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan

Masaaki Okihara, Hironori Takeuchi, Shinichi Akiyama, Reichi Yoshinaga, Sayuri Osato, Isao Akashi, Yu Kihara, Osamu Konno, Hitoshi Iwamoto, Takashi Oda, Sachiko Tanaka, Sakae Unezaki, Toshihiko Hirano

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II Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

Grzegorz Niewiński, Wiktor Smyk, Agata Graczyńska, Konrad Kostrzewa, Joanna Raszeja-Wyszomirska, Urszula Ołdakowska-Jedynak, Jolanta Małyszko, Maciej Wójcicki, Krzysztof Zieniewicz

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