eISSN 2329-0358


Single-staple technique for pancreas allograft procurement

Ruy J. Cruz Jr

Ann Transplant 2010; 15(2): 71-73

ID: 880944

Published: 2010-06-28

Background:    Stapling devices have been used routinely during pancreas procurement for duodenal stumps closure, however, their cost is significant. In this letter we described an alternative stapling technique in order to reduce the number of loads as well as cost during pancreas procurement.
    Material/Methods:    We have been using rapid en bloc technique for simultaneous liver and pancreas procurement. The proposed modification entails a single staple for transection of both duodenum and jejunum.
    Results:    We did not observe complication with the technique described herein, including leaking of gastrointestinal content during the procurement, storage, or transportation of pancreas allograft.
    Conclusions:    We believe that the technique described here is a simple and cost-effective maneuver that could be safely used during the pancreas harvesting.

Keywords: urgical stapling, Pancreas, rgan procurement, Technique