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eISSN: 2329-0358

Individualization of immunosuppressive therapy

B D Kahan

Ann Transplant 2009; 14(1): 20-20

ID: 880272

Published: 2009-05-21

This "Meet the Professor" discussion session is divided into four segments:
pre-morbid donor features (5 minutes), pre-transplant morbid donor events
(5 minutes), pre-transplant characteristics of potential recipients (10 minutes), and post-transplant recipient events (15 minutes). Each section will include a brief presentation and questions. The pre-morbid donor features include age over 50 years, pharmacogenomics, kidney size, and concomitant diseases. The morbid donor events include the etiology of death, preretrieval pathophysiologic events and intraoperative events. The pretransplant recipient characteristics are gender, age, ethnicity, medical regimen, pharmacogenomics, unrecognized malignancy/infection, HLA mismatch, socioeconomic education level, donor source, and immune responder status. The post-transplant recipient events include cold ischemia time, concomitant drug therapies, complications, chronic allograft disease, rejection episodes and non-compliance. Literature citations will be provided and informal discussion offered after the session.

Keywords: immunosuppressive therapy