eISSN 2329-0358


Plasmodium Falciparum infection transmitted by living kidney donation: A case report from Iran

Behzad Einollahi

Ann Transplant 2008; 13(4): 75-78

ID: 880222


Background: Malaria transmission from donor has been reported as a rare life-threatening complication of kidney transplantation.
Case Report: We describe a case of malaria infection developed in a renal transplant recipient as early as 10 days after transplantation. The patient was 28-year-old man undergone living unrelated kidney transplantation. His donor was a 38-year-old healthy man who was laborer and has been long-term resident of malarious area (south of Iran).
Conclusions: The recipient experienced an episode of intravascular hemolysis, mild acute renal failure and fever 10 days after operation due to malaria infection which was confirmed by observation of the intraerythrocytic ring forms consistent with Plasmodium falciparum on blood film. He became afebrile and completely improved by antimalaria therapy. To our knowledge, this is the first reported case of malaria transmission from donor after kidney transplantation in Iran.

Keywords: Malaria, Kidney, Transplantation, Plasmodium falciparum