eISSN 2329-0358


Organ donation and transplantation in Poland in 2007

Anna Pszenny, Jarosław Czerwiński, Piotr Malanowski, Krystyna Antoszkiewicz, Piotr Małkowski, Janusz Wałaszewski

Ann Transplant 2008; 13(4): 16-20

ID: 880213


In 2007 the number of effective cadaveric donors and the number of transplanted organs in Poland significantly decreased. 466 possible deceased organ donors were reported to Polish Transplant Coordinating Center POLTRANSPLANT - Health Ministry Office responsible for organization of procurement, organ allocation and providing registries. Organ recovery took place in 352 (75.5%) cases (9.2 donors/pmp).

Keywords: Poltransplant, organ donation in Poland, Rational drug use, adverse drug effects( ADE), generic drugs, medication profile