eISSN 2329-0358


Exercise Following Organ Transplantation: A Critical Partof the Routine Post Transplant Care

Patrick Painter

Ann Transplant 2005; 10(4): 28-30

ID: 498429


There are many reasons for recommendation of regular physical activity for organ transplant recipients, including I) Restoration of physical functioning following deconditioning experienced prior to transplant; 2) Most patients are physically inactivity. 3) The high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors that may be modified by regular physical activity; 4) Physical activity will optimize physical functioning following transplant; and 5) p; hysical activity may reduce or attenuate side effects of immunosuppression. There are many ecommendations for regular physical activity as an integral part of treatment of conditions that are common to transplant recipients, including: hypertension management; hyperlipidemia; Diabetes; and elevated cardiovascular disease risk. Transplant recipients tolerate progressive exercise training well and can achieve levels of functioning similar or higher than normal individuals. In order to optimize functioning and overall health in organ transplant recipients, regular physical activity should be prescribed and encouraged as a part of the routine post transplant care.

Keywords: Regular Physical Activity Benefit, Heart Lung Transplants, American Transplant Games Data