eISSN 2329-0358


Carbon Fiber Scaffolds in the Surgical Treatment of Cartilage Lesions

W M Kus, A Gorecki, P Strzelczyk, P Swiader

Ann Transplant 1999; 4(3-4): 101-102

ID: 497496

Published: 1999-12-10

We present a new method of treatment of chondral defects of the knee with the usage of carbon fibers. The prospective study describes experience with carbon fibers used as scaffolds in the drilled lesions to enhance ingrowth of regenerative tissue. We treated 35 patients for chondral defects with that method from December 93 to June 97. Average age was 46 years (range, 19-68 years) and average follow-up was 48 months (range, 24-55 months). The results were assessed by HSSknee scale, the Wallgren-Tegner activity score, VAS(visual analogue scale to measure pain) and patients assessment of the surgery. Twenty-fIVe (71%) of 35 patients were rated good or excellent. The most striking result was good pain relief. Early follow-up results are good, but these must be confirmed in long-term observations.

Keywords: carbon fibres,, joint resurfacing, Knee