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eISSN: 2329-0358

Application of Acellular Dermis and Autograft on Burns and Scars

Luis Ernesto Ramos Duron, Maria Esther Martinez Pardo, Victor Olivera Zavaleta, Teresita Silva Diaz, M Lourdes Reyes Frias

Ann Transplant 1999; 4(3-4): 74-77

ID: 497483

Published: 1999-12-10

The cases of two patients with burns treated with dermis allograft and of one patient for lip reconstructive aesthetic fillingtreated with less than one mm3 of radiosterilised acellular dermis are presented. This paper emphasizes the treatment with radiosterilised dermal grafts with a permanent character so far. Hospitals. therefore, can satisfy the demand for this kind of tissue in the case of disaster and patients with serious injuries. In the cases cited, histocompatibility analysis was not required. thus having the advantage of long-time storage of the radiosterilised dermis used on these patients. Neither inflammatory reaction nor acute phase re-absorption were observed. Moreover, shrink (contract) healing was diminished. After two years, the results are still satisfactory.

Keywords: Burns, acellular dermis, Gamma radiation, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, scars