eISSN 2329-0358


Correlation Between Heart Rate Variability and Hypothermic Storage in Human CardiacTransplant Recipients

Marta Biernat, Miroslaw Garlicki, Antoni Dziatkowiak

Ann Transplant 1998; 3(4): 37-40

ID: 497428

Published: 1998-12-18

Heart rate variability (HRV) has been shown to be a quantitative, noninvasive method for assessing cardiovascular control in humans [1,2,3].Impairment of heart rate variability has been shown to be related to severity of congestive heart failure [4] and coronary artery disease [5].Decreased HRV is associated with increased mortality after myocardial infarction...

Keywords: Heart Transplantation, heart rate variability, hypothermic storage