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eISSN: 2329-0358

Hyperacute Rejection of Living Related Kidney Graft Caused by IgG Endothelial Specific Antibodies with A Negative Monocyte Cross-Match

Barbara Grandtnerová, L’udovít Laca, Eva Jahnová, Miroslava Horváthová, Vladimír Baláz, Blanka Hovoricová, Peter Hudec, Mária Zarnovicanová

Ann Transplant 2002; 7(4): 52-54

ID: 496277

Published: 2002-12-02

We present a case report of a 30-year-old man, who hyperacutely rejected a blood group identical, HLA- haploidentical living related kidney graft in spite of the fact that he had never been immunized. Anti-endothelial IgG antibodies that did not react with monocytes were detected with flow cytometry, on a panel of human umbilical cord cells in his serum retrospectively. On the basis of this experience we put for consideration the possibility of regular examination of non- HLA antibodies in potential living graft recipients.

Keywords: Antiendothelial Aantibodies, hyperacute rejection, Kidney Transplantation