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eISSN: 2329-0358

Factors Influencing Low Incidence of Living Donors for Renal Transplantation in Poland

J Sienko, M Ostrowski, M Kaminski, T Sulikowski, K Pabisiak, M Paczkowski, L Domanski, K Ciechanowski, A Fronczyk, P Slozowski, K Tejchman

Ann Transplant 2002; 7(4): 49-51

ID: 496274

Published: 2002-12-02

Purpose of the study: To answer the question: “Why are only 3.8% of kidney transplantations in Poland from living donors?”
Material and methods: The research was conducted using data from anonymous polls addressed to family members of dialyzed patients (potential donors).
Results: Almost everybody (98%) had heard about the possibility of treating renal insufficiency by kidney transplantation, but only 77% knew about the possibility of giving their own kidney to a related person. Merely 36% had been informed about this treatment method by a doctor. The most common fears within respondents were those of: health worsening after donating a kidney – 45%, and the operation itself (taking an organ) – 39%.

Keywords: Renal Tranplantation, Living Kidney Donation