eISSN 2329-0358


The Bioimplants’ Influence on The Immune Indexes

N V Shishkova, S V Popov, L I Donchenko, S A Tkachenko

Ann Transplant 2004; 9(1A): 92-95

ID: 15645

Published: 2004-01-15

The development and processing of certain kinds of new implantable biological materials is impossible without understanding the processes taking place in an organism following implantation and possessing methods for quantifying them. In this work we studied the peculiarities of the immune response to the application of auto- and allo-transplants of natural biological implantable materials for Achilles’ tendon repair in Chinchilla rabbits. A comparative estimation was made of the experimental dynamics. It was established that the specificity of an immune response to a biological allotransplant is characterized by the stronger inhibition of the lymphoid chain of the immune system during the early post-surgery period than for auto-plastics and by the normalization of immune system indices later on. This allows us to recommend the given allo-transplant for reconstructive surgery of tendon injuries.

Keywords: Bioimplants, immune response